I feel driven to enlarge on a life and death matter that goes hand-in-glove with pot. Pot causes impaired vision, short-term memory, difficulty concentrating, dream-like states, impaired motor coordination, slowed reaction time and altered peripheral vision. Even a sober driver has bad accidents, let alone a pot-impaired one.

However, the marijuana addict claims the benefits the legislation of pot would bring to some businesses with the state realizing the lion’s share taken in from taxation, but given the millions it costs to apprehend and prosecute the alcohol related law-breaker, it’s doubtful. Meanwhile you and I are the big money losers through the outrageous cost of car insurance due to alcohol-related accidents.

Government statistics on alcohol vs. marijuana, I found that 10,000 alcohol related highway deaths occur each year. But, what does that have to do with marijuana? A man by the name of Bruce Briggs has written an article called, “Pot Fuels Surge Iin Drugged Driving Deaths.” He claims that if marijuana is legalized, by the year 2020 pot will overtake alcohol in causing road deaths.

On that passenger plane shot down over Ukraine were 300 innocent men, women and children. Yet if we divide 10,000 by 300, the answer is the equivalent of 33.3 passenger plane crashes on our highways every year.

It appears that alcohol, with its terrible consequences, is here to stay. But to add another 10,000 bloody road deaths through the legalization of pot would be unthinkable. Sadly, there are some things that money cannot offset, and the needless loss of the life of a loved family member in a bloody road death is one of them. The legalization of marijuana will take a tragic toll. Don’t sign the possible death warrant of yourself or your precious family. Vote “No” to Pot!

Phil Kennard


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