I am writing to urge my fellow Brunswick residents to vote for Dan Harris of Mountain Ash Avenue for Town Council District 5 on November 4. Dan has a wealth of business and political experience that give him the background and knowledge necessary to make critical decisions about economic development, public safety, public works, spending priorities, and zoning.

Dan served as general counsel for ABB, a publiclytraded energy and technology corporation with five divisions, which currently has 116,000 employees in 100 countries. After he retired to Boothbay with his wife Polly in the 1990s, he was elected to the Board of Selectmen and served as its Vice Chair. Upon moving to Brunswick, he joined the Brunswick Downtown Association and was appointed by the Town Council to the Brunswick Development Corporation.

I think Dan is the better candidate for the Town Council seat because he is a strong advocate for the interests of individual Brunswick residents. He believes that great public schools and reliable public services at a reasonable cost will attract industries that offer wellpaying jobs. He does not believe that taxpayers should foot the bills for and line the pockets of developers.

Michelle A. Small