WELLS — The Wells-Ogunquit Community School District website now features a link to its Instagram page, where people can share photos and follow what’s going on in the district.

People can track the account through Instagram from most mobile phones with a camera or home computer with a connection to the Internet, according to Technology Director Michael Richards.

Richards said he hopes the new photo sharing feature will motivate many to like, follow, share and utilize the district’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

“We look forward to being able to showcase great events in a mobile fashion as people have lots of great things going on in the district,” said Richards. “We’re just trying to capture them and be able to share them.”

For legal reasons concerning student privacy, snapshots of students in classrooms or other educational settings within the district’s schools would not be allowed unless parental permission to post such photos is granted in writing to the particular school that the student is attending.

Richards stressed that only those 13 years or older can have an Instagram or Facebook account.

To see photos posted thus far, visit the district’s website, k12wocsd.net, and click on the blue “View on Instagram” link on the bottom of the home page, or go to instagram.com/wocsd.