I’ve been a big-game hunter for over 40 years and have guided many successful hunts, with trophies to prove it. None were taken by baiting or traps.

As an officer or member of several sportsmen’s groups, I know hundreds of sportsmen-hunters. None baited or caught animals with traps. This isn’t sportsmanship – it’s simply pleasure-killing a bear distracted by unnatural food or caught by a foot snare.

What happens to a cub if its mother is trapped and then killed? Will it also be killed as it waits helplessly nearby, or left to fend for itself before it’s mature?

The “management” as implied by the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department is simply killing for reasons of money: licenses and protecting jobs at the expense of wildlife that have no say in their fate. It’s another way some humans exert their ill-conceived sense of dominance over the wild creatures we should protect.

Larry L. Lomison


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