I met Democratic state Rep. Sara Gideon when I was 11 years old and in sixth grade at Freeport Middle School. I’m now 22, and I have babysat for Sara’s children for the past 10 years. I feel so lucky to still have Sara in my life. She has always been a role model for me, as a strong woman, a loyal caregiver, and a warm listener.

As our representative in House District 48, Sara works tremendously hard to learn about the issues that affect those of us living in this community. I’ve seen how much Sara’s family means to her, and I’ve also seen how much her work as a legislator takes her away from her family. But Sara is energized by serving our communities, and she’s fueled by her genuine concern and curiosity.

I’m voting for Sara because I trust her to make decisions that serve everyone in our community. Please join me.

Malia Taggart

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