Elections are coming up, and that means that the voters will have to make choices. It is, by far, superior to have criteria when making choices. So, let’s begin by analyzing one of the races, and let the gentle readers apply their personal criteria.

In this one race, there is a marked contrast in the candidates. One is a sweet, young man in a post-adolescent stage of his development and a recent escapee from a diploma mill (current American “higher” education). He is an unabashed liberal, who has little life experience, not a lot of maturity, and advocates that government does all sorts of wonderful things for the people.

The other candidate is a married woman in her 60s who has done a number of things in her life aside from raising a family. She has worked in both the public and private sectors of the economy as well as local government. She advocates for limited government interference in our lives and limited government spending. She is a true conservative who will be conservative with the taxpayer’s money.

Well, I’m in my 60s, a little older and wiser than I was in my 20s. And, as the acronym T.E.A. (as in tea party) says, I am Taxed Enough Already.

So, if you want a politician to be liberal spending your money, you know who to vote for.

Not for me. I would rather keep my money.

Frank Novotny, Biddeford