WATERBORO — Selectmen will take up a change on the zoning ordinance that spells out setbacks for some nonconforming lots that were created when zoning was introduced to the community 37 years ago.

The planning board has been the go-to agency to approach by those who wish to build on one of the lots, but planning board chairman Tim Neill said at a recent selectman’s meeting the board has twice been told by legal counsel that they shouldn’t be granting variances.

So in order to clear up the situation, the planning board proposed an amendment to the zoning ordinance adjusting setbacks.

“We’re not throwing people under the bus,” said Neill. “Most people will be able to build.”

The planning board held a public hearing some time ago; selectmen held one Oct. 14.

Resident Doug Foglio, who was once a member of the planning board and is a former selectman, said when zoning was first proposed “a lot of people were opposed to it.”

He said the entire zoning ordinance needs an overhaul, not a piecemeal approach. He said the change to the approach for the nonconforming lots “will cause a lot of discomfort for a lot of people.”

Selectman Dennis Abbott said the proposal put forth by the planning board does reduce the setback.

Neill said builders will still have to separately meet other zoning and code enforcement requirements.

Foglio argued the proposal doesn’t protect the grandfathered lots that have since been altered. And he said many people were unaware of the public hearing.

Selectmen decided to table the matter until Oct. 28.

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