Local politics and politicians have given a lot of us in Old Orchard Beach the blues. I’m especially referring to some of them who rode in on white horses to save the town, only to stick residents with the bill for the horses in the form of sharp hikes in the property taxes.

There’s one politician who’s an exception. One that doesn’t try to advance their own political agenda regardless of whether or not it serves the actual interests of her constituents. She’s also helped give the town the blues in the best sense of the word, an actual Bluesfest.

I’ve been around politics a lot in my life, and have met very few politicians as accessible to all, not just the well-connected. She has strong beliefs. In spite of that, she is willing to listen to ideas and suggestions from those, like myself, who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

She not only talks about making Old Orchard Beach a great place to live, she actually does something about it through her work with OOB365, the Rotary and many other ways.

Because of all that, I’m going to do something I thought I’d never do ”“ no, not portraying all the characters in “50 Shades of Gray,” while dressed as a giant root vegetable: It’s endorsing a Republican, and a real Old Orchard Beach treasure, Sharri MacDonald, in her bid for a second term as our state representative.

Bob Cochran, Old Orchard Beach