Legacy Publishing founder and CEO Steve Anderson has announced that the Westbrook company will be laying off roughly 50 percent of their workforce.

In an emailed statement sent to all employees Thursday, Anderson said the decision was based on the company’s “strategic direction,” an announcement that the company would no longer use television and radio advertisements to promote their products, and instead focus solely on Internet ads.

“This change requires a reduction and reorganization of our workforce,” Anderson said in the statement. “I am saddened and disappointed because we will be saying goodbye to good members of our Legacy team – people who want to be a part of this change and who have shared our enthusiasm for the future.”

Since the company was formed some 10 years ago, Legacy has been producing programs such as the “Total Transformation Program,” a media kit for parents to transform disrespectful children.

Anderson said the move will be effective Thursday, Nov. 6, and that impacted employees have been notified via in-person meetings with management.

While the statement doesn’t give a specific number of employees laid off, the Better Business Bureau lists Legacy Publishing as having 175 employees.

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