Paul Benjamin Schulz

Paul Benjamin Schulz

Age: 44

Occupation: Software Consultant

Political background: Newbie

Times Record: Why are you running for office?

Paul Schulz: I’m running for office because I believe that I can make a positive difference to lower taxes, reduce regulatory excess and create an environment where all Mainers and businesses flourish without compromising the high quality of our natural environment.

TR: What are the top three issues you’ll have to deal with if elected?

PS: Taxes, taxes, taxes. As a result of high taxes many Mainers are to the point where they are being driven from their family homes and being forced to move elsewhere in Maine or are leaving Maine altogether to go to more tax friendly states. Many in our state live on a fixed income and cannot absorb the growing tide of taxes. My stance is that the state and elected officials need to be held responsible for the budget and every dollar of spending and they should do all in their power to reduce spending and pass those savings on to the citizens of Maine. It is well known that lower taxes spur economic growth and higher taxes curtail it. If we want Maine to be an economic leader we need to keep taxes low. We simply cannot afford an expensive state government.

TR: What skills or strengths do you bring to office?

PS: I communicate well. I’m able to identify and streamline complex processes. I’m flexible and able to prioritize multiple ongoing projects. I’m goal driven. Having lived in many different countries, I’m sensitive to different cultures. I love solving problems. I can be innovative and create inclusive solutions. I’m also dependable and loyal.

TR: Why should voters choose you?

PS: Honesty, integrity and hard work. These are traits that my parents instilled in me. I am the second oldest of eight children. We had to make do with less. I believe that people should be free to choose and to govern themselves. I believe that correct and true principles applied to any policy benefit us all. I am a small business owner and know the struggles of business and of struggling to provide for a family in today’s depressed economy.

Editor’s Note: Sara Gideon, a Democrat from Freeport, is vying for the seat as well. She did not return the candidate questionnaire.

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