Independent Eliot Cutler is Maine-focused and nondogmatic, with a good head on his shoulders and a steady, warm fire in his belly. He:

Is a leader, not a pusher.

Puts his money where his mouth is.

Has ideas to make Maine attractive to young people from here or away.

Has a plan to reduce towns’ reliance on property taxes.

Can recognize and use good ideas from anyone.

Has plans for funding adolescent and adult training for the skill market.

Has ideas to revive agriculture in Maine.

Has deep understanding of the laws on energy and the environment.

He reminds me of outstanding Mainers such as George Mitchell, Olympia Snowe, Angus King, Bill Cohen and Susan Collins. He volunteers to be governor, so let us voters give him the chance!

Garvin McCurdy

retired colonel, U.S. Air Force

Kittery Point