When you shake Democrat Mike Michaud’s hand, you know you’re in the grip of a working man.

It’s a lumberjack grip, from the hand of a guy who has shouldered through his own path in life and politics. He’s a third-generation millworker and a card-carrying member of the United Steelworkers who famously first entered politics as a means to help clean up the polluted Penobscot River.

Now, having spent 22 years in both houses of the Maine Legislature, he knows how to get things done in Augusta. After 11 years in Congress, he also knows how to work with Washington. All this will be invaluable experience in helping Maine reclaim its stature and dignity.

He has ideas, he has integrity and he has class.

Michaud is a guy I would be proud to call my governor. To tell you the truth, I don’t see how it’s even much of a contest.

D. Allan Kerr