Four years ago, I had to vote my head and not my heart in the election for governor. Independent Eliot Cutler was the beneficiary of many such votes by lifelong Democrats such as myself.

Now Cutler is in Libby Mitchell’s shoes – he cannot win, but he can deliver the governorship back to Paul LePage.

We cannot endure another four years of counterproductive policies that cost lives and livelihoods. If you are a Cutler supporter, please think about waking up on Nov. 5 having helped re-elect Paul LePage.

Eliot Cutler has said he would drop out of the race for governor or release his supporters if he knew he could not win. The time for Eliot Cutler to make good on that promise is now – today. By honoring his promise, Eliot Cutler would show real leadership and his commitment to the future of Maine.

Christopher Ayres