In the 10 million years since the Sierra Nevada heaved from the earth and the colossus that is now Yosemite National Park was created, the artifacts of many life forms have come and gone.

So it will be, no doubt, for the work of “CreepyTings,” the tagger whose graffiti appeared this summer along Yosemite’s Mist Trail.

Done in acrylic on a formerly pristine mountain, the stupid white head with the snake in its mouth is just one in a series of marks left, authorities believe, by a New Yorker who apparently spent her summer vandalizing Western landmarks and posting pictures of her handiwork on Instagram and Tumblr.

The images, signed with her moniker, created a furor recently after they showed up on Reddit, the techie website. Appalled, blogger Casey Schreiner posted an assortment of screen grabs on his site, Modern Hiker.

A woman’s head scrawled onto Telescope Peak in Death Valley. A blue-haired profile overlooking the sapphire waters of Oregon’s Crater Lake.Photos of the 21-year-old woman taking a black marker to the rock formations in Canyonlands National Park and crawling heedlessly over protected Native American pictographs in Joshua Tree National Monument.

In the long view, the vandalism, which has prompted a National Park Service investigation, might be viewed as just an extreme version of the graffiti that has shown up worldwide in breathtaking places for as long as those places have been accessible to humans.

And Yosemite has outlasted all manner of human trespass, including a car dealership that once sold Cadillacs and 21st-century shutterbugs buzzing the park with drone cameras.

Nonetheless, the Park Service should throw the book at CreepyTings when they find and arrest her. The great landscapes of the West are national treasures. Drawing on them isn’t art. It’s theft.