We live in very dangerous times. Exposures to diseases and other potentially lethal maladies seem to be rampant and threaten our very being. Many wonder: Who or what can protect us? Can government save us from the spread of one of the most horrid and devastating illnesses that mankind has ever had to face?

There have been no widely distributed vaccines that can slow the worst plague since the Black Death. The situation seems to be hopeless. This insidious disease has even made its way into our state of Maine. The results of not dealing with this disease before it has spread will take years, perhaps generations, to cure.

The disease that seems to be out of control is ignorance, casually spread from person to person – not even requiring physical contact. Our society needs to cure or at least control our latest epidemic of ignorance.

The cure is available – knowledge, science, reason and medicine all can contribute to the cure – but unfortunately, the disease of ignorance has ignore built into it, thus being able to spread without restraint. Mental hazmat suits should be distributed soon … before it’s too late!

Fred Michel