Freeport voters narrowly decided Tuesday not to withdraw from their Regional School Unit.

The vote was 2,228 to 2,152 against the proposal to leave the regional school district it shares with Durham and Pownal.

While some Freeport residents wanted to withdraw to restore local control of their schools, others warned about the potential financial impact on the town. A Freeport withdrawal also would have meant big changes for Durham and Pownal, which would have had to pay tuition to send high school students to Freeport or Brunswick.

In the council race, incumbent Richard DeGrandpre was narrowly defeated by William Rixon in a 2,070 to 2,076 vote.

Beth Parker and Lindsay Sterling were victorious for the school board, with 1,901 and 2,010 votes, respectively. Incumbent Nelson Larkins was ousted with 1,454, and Charly Haversat Matheson came in last with 970.