SCARBOROUGH — Three incumbents were re-elected Nov. 4 to the Board of Trustees of the Scarborough Sanitary District.

Chairman Jason Greenleaf, clerk Charles Andreson, and Robert McSorley were re-elected with 5,942, 4,308 and 5,407 votes, respectively. 

Newcomer Ronald Bonneau received 3,540 votes. 

The three incumbents share backgrounds in engineering and long-term service as trustees. McSorley, a Maine native, worked for 28 years as an assistant district engineer in Florida before moving back north; he’s been a trustee for the past six years.

Greenleaf is a civil engineer working for Hunter Panels, an energy-efficient insulation company in Portland, who also has six years of experience on the board, including the last two as chairman. 

Andreson has served the town in several roles during his 39-year residency, including as town engineer and town planner, superintendent of the Sanitary District for 10 years, a town councilor, and as a member of the Sanitary District board since 2000. 

All three said that a top priority will be to maintain low rates for residents.

Although the board had to make the decision to raise rates in 2013, which was the first increase since 2004, they said Scarborough continues to have the lowest rates in the region. According to Andreson, the current utility cost for a single-family residence is approximately $396 per year.

Replenishing the district’s reserve funds will be a primary concern, the trustees agreed, because they are often used to maintain infrastructure without cost to residents. Andreson mentioned, for example, that $1 million in trunk lines were replaced on Black Point Road several years ago, using only reserve funds.

The Sanitary District includes approximately 70 miles of gravity sewer, 23 miles of force main, 23 pumping stations and a plant that treats 2.5 million gallons of sewage, Andreson said. 

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