It was disappointing to read the article by Nicole Winfield of The Associated Press: “Catholic Church’s ‘seismic shift’: Bishops say gays should be welcomed” (Page A2, Oct. 14).

There has been no “seismic shift” in the Catholic Church; the headline is misleading and inaccurate. One of the subheads is “All Catholics deserve respect,” and I agree wholeheartedly.

The problem is that the piece doesn’t respect those of us who hold to “traditional” Catholic morals and values. The tone when speaking of conservative views is condescending and biased.

The Catholic Church’s traditional views on subjects like birth control, divorce, gay marriage and abortion are correct – they are not a matter of opinion. Anyone who takes the time to research the foundations of the Catholic position on these topics will find they are based on objective truths and the human capacity for knowledge.

As a Catholic, I have always experienced a church that is welcoming to all. That does not mean that we accept lifestyles that are inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus. It means that we love each and every person regardless of lifestyle.

JohnMichael DeBartolo

Hollis Center