I am writing this in defense of my husband who cannot speak up for himself at this time. He received a letter from the Maine State Voter Program, a project of Be Counted, Inc., listing people in our area and how they voted in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

My husband’s name, with his address, is at the top of the list, stating that he did not vote in 2012. Of course not. He is at Woodlands, a home for Alzheimer’s patients.

My husband has always felt it was his civic duty to vote and never missed the opportunity to do so. He would be devastated if he knew such a letter were being circulated among our friends and neighbors insinuating that he is a “bad” person because he did not vote!

It is hard to believe any party would use this type of slander to further their goal. I feel this organization should be investigated and a determination made as to the legality of sending out such a letter.

Vera A. Northrup