A heartfelt thank you to the 1,284 people who voted for me as a write-in candidate at the Scarborough Board of Education election. I am truly humbled to think that many people would take the time to wade through two ballots and write my name in.

Write-in candidates rarely stand a chance of winning. It is more difficult in a year when governors, senators and representatives are on the ballot. My candidacy was not about being easy. My candidacy was about the facts that our Scarborough real estate taxes ballooned over the last three years, outpacing all economic indicators, such as inflation and the Consumer Price Index, and about the fact that voting for the present board members would mean a further increase. The school budget put forward by this board is the primary reason our real estate taxes increased 11.5 percent over the last three years. It is my sincere hope that the board takes notice that 1,284 people disagree with the path taken. I doubt they will, though. They will focus on the votes they received and continue to disregard the taxpayers who put them in office.

Michael B. Turek

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