As a woman conservationist, I have received backlash for my views and actions for years. I have been called a “whiny little girl” and have been told to give up, because the humans have already won. People also love to tell me that I should stop complaining, because there is nothing that I can do.

Today, I have, once again, been told both directly and indirectly to stop complaining. However, on Nov. 4, my state re-elected a governor, Paul LePage, who refers to environmental regulation as an impediment to business and does not believe that human activities contribute significantly to climate change.

So call me a whiny little girl if you want, but understand that without voice and without action, we will see no change. You might thrive on this culture of greed and fear, but I’ll be damned if I ever give in to it.

Katherine L. Burns

Cumberland Foreside

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