There have been three cartoons in the paper recently that have shown characters feeding dogs chocolate. I am writing to you because I have no way of reaching these cartoonists and informing them and others that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can kill a dog.

On the pets section of the website WebMD, it says that chocolate is the most common cause of canine poisoning, and continues by stating that no amount of chocolate is OK for a dog to ingest.

Dark chocolate contains 10 times as much of the chemical theobromine as milk chocolate, and it might cause your dog to vomit and/or suffer from diarrhea. Toxic amounts of dark chocolate can induce hyperactivity, tremors, changes in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, seizures, cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. Unfortunately, it seems that the general public is not aware of these dangers.

I realize many papers may be involved, but I don’t know how to reach cartoonists to alert them to this threat to our canine friends. I am respectfully requesting that you pass along my concern to the parties involved.

Rosalie P. Barden