Environmental cleanup crews have recovered about 1,074 gallons of gasoline that spilled when an Irving tanker truck rolled over into a ditch Wednesday night on Route 25 in Porter.

The crash spilled about 2,400 gallons, according to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Karl Wilkins. The remaining gasoline that spilled is contained in the ditch, he said. Excavators were to be used this morning to dig up contaminated soil and haul it away in dump trucks for disposal, he said.

The truck rolled over at about 6:30 p.m. Nobody was hurt, but responding fire crews from Kezar Falls had to be wary of the explosive vapors.

The truck was loaded with a total of 10,500 gallons, but it is stored in separate compartments so not all of it leaked out, Wilkins said. The unspilled cargo was pumped off into another truck. Route 25 near the York Oxford county line remains closed during the cleanup.

No gasoline spread to nearby waterways, Wilkins said.

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