I was recently informed that the teachers employed by School Administrative District 15 (Gray and New Gloucester) are working without a contract. I was upset to hear that the school board, instead of negotiating locally, chose to hire a law firm to represent its interests that has advised them to proceed directly to a costly fact-finding.

This will cost the taxpayers of SAD 15 thousands of dollars, and the salaries, benefits and working conditions of our teachers will be greatly diminished.

How are we going to attract and keep high-quality teachers if the school district continues to offer decreasing insurance benefits and salaries that are not competitive with surrounding communities?

Teachers are asking for a fair contract and to be treated with respect and fairness. Most of our residents value the teachers and what they do.

I urge all residents of Gray and New Gloucester to contact the SAD 15 school board and ask them to support our teachers by giving them a fair contract.

Doreen Thompson