I disagree with Alan Caron’s contention in his Nov. 6 column (“Maine Democrats have only themselves to blame for LePage victory”) that the Democratic Party needs to reform itself and stick more closely to the views of the hardworking bunch of Mainers who voted for Gov. LePage.

Sorry, but I don’t want Democrats to sink to the lowest level of denunciations of welfare and big government in order to gain more voter support.

And I wouldn’t want Democrats to win any elective office because they adopted the uncaring LePage attitude that basically says to many low-income Maine people: “We don’t care enough about your medical needs to authorize the Obama health care program for you.”

It has been unfortunate that this election seemed to show that many retirees (65 and over) who enjoy the security of big-government health care coverage (Medicare) lost their gratitude by turning their backs on health care for their neighbors with their vote for LePage.

Gary Larkin

Old Orchard Beach