Well, it’s nice to see that a solid bloc of nearly half the voters in Maine stuck with a governor who really knows how to work for all the people.

I, and most of my friends, have long been embarrassed by the hordes of wealthy Mainers, dressed in their finest tailored suits, lining the medians of every major city’s traffic corridor, holding up cardboard signs begging for just a little help from the arrogant poor, who refuse to kick in their fair share of tax relief for millionaires.

At last we have a governor and Senate in this state that will work hard for our wealthiest citizens and maybe even occasionally for the rest of us, as long as we don’t need public services of any description or any education or have any desire to protect our voting rights. As long as the wealthy are comfortable, what do the rest of us have to gripe about?

I am personally quite proud of my contribution to the needs of the suffering richest 20 percent of Mainers; it is a great comfort to know my tax dollars are not wasted on the public good, but will now head directly to the bank accounts of the most deserving.

Spend it well, my friends, spend it well.

Margaret Reimer


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