I was a volunteer with Eliot Cutler’s campaign this fall, and I spent the morning after the election taking down lawn signs around South Portland.

About 8:30, a woman driving across the Casco Bay Bridge toward Portland yelled at me, “He should be ashamed!” and added with a vigorous shake of her finger, “And shame on you!”

Seriously? No, ma’am, Cutler considered it a privilege to run for office, and I will never be ashamed of my constitutional right and responsibility to vote and work for a candidate or cause I believe in.

The “spoiler” myth collapses when one looks at the facts and does the math, and if millions of special-interest dollars, negative ads and campaigning by Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and the president himself couldn’t give Mike Michaud a victory, don’t blame it on Cutler.

If you’re unhappy with Gov. LePage, urge the Democrats to put up a better candidate next time, then volunteer to help his or her campaign. Do your part. I proudly and gratefully did mine.

Ellen Dunn

South Portland