Every Friday my class celebrates “random acts of kindness.” Sometimes we perform the acts, and sometimes we read about them or watch videos about them.

On Nov. 7, I read aloud the article in the Portland Press Herald about the 20 dentists who were offering free dental services for those Mainers who are without dental insurance (“20 dentists to provide free dental care Friday”).

We had a great discussion about how valuable that service is for people. We discussed why it is an act of kindness.

My students wrote comments that I would like to share:

 “Thank you for helping others.”

 “Thank you for doing this.”

 “Thank you for doing that for people who can’t afford that.”

 “Thank you for helping.”

 “This is a very nice thing to do.”

I hope the dentists who participated in this program see these “thank you” thoughts. I also hope that every year, even more dentists join in offering this service throughout Maine.

Charlotte Mastropasqua

connections teacher, Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School