A Falmouth teenager accused of breaking into two houses while naked was high on drugs, possibly the synthetic stimulant known by the street name “bath salts,” according to court documents.

Logan Valle, 18, remained in the Cumberland County Jail on Tuesday after his arrest Saturday night on charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespass. The staff at the jail in Portland said he could not grant interviews because he was under medical observation.

Following Valle’s arrest, it was determined that he had overdosed on drugs and suffered from frostbite, the court documents state. After the incidents, friends said they believed his behavior was attributable to drug use.

Police and witness statements submitted to Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court in support of the charges against Valle provided more details on what happened that night. The reports make scant reference to the fire that destroyed the Valle family home about the same time and do not mention an attempt to set fire to Valle’s car, which was parked at the Falmouth Country Club, not far from the family’s house at 12 Inverness Road.

Police have not implicated Valle in either incident.

Officers were on their way to the house fire at 10:45 p.m. Saturday when they received a call about a naked man running on Fieldstone Lane – about two miles away – with a homeowner in pursuit.


Valle had first gone to the home of Barry and Paula Spencer at 35 Fieldstone Lane, entering through an unlocked garage door and then walking into the kitchen. Valle knew their son, who was out of town. The Spencers were involved in a high-profile case two years ago when they were accused of hosting an underage drinking party.

On Saturday night, the couple were watching television when a man wearing no clothes grabbed keys from the kitchen, then entered each of three cars in the driveway, trying unsuccessfully to start one. The Spencers described Valle as agitated and irrational and possibly under the influence of drugs.

While at the house he put on a pair of sneakers belonging to one of the Spencers’ sons and wrapped a towel around himself, police said.

When told the couple had called police, Valle fled to a neighboring house.

Mark and Renae Roy also were home at 29 Fieldstone Lane, along with their four children, and already in bed when they heard two loud bangs and a crash, they told police. Valle allegedly broke one of the outdoor lights off the house and used it to smash the glass in a door. Roy saw him jump through the window wearing only a pair of sneakers, police said.

Mark Roy confronted him and Valle ran for the basement. Roy grabbed a vacuum cleaner to use as a weapon if needed and waited for police.


“The kid appeared scared, cold and on drugs,” Roy wrote in his statement to police.

Two Falmouth police officers arrived and found Valle in a narrow storage room.

Sgt. Kevin Conger Jr. had his gun drawn and pointed at Valle, who was trying to hide behind some boxes, the court papers said.

“I then yelled, ‘Police! Show me your hands!'” said Conger, his gun still pointed at Valle. “He seemed to ignore me at first,” but then slowly began to raise his hands.

Valle surrendered, allowing himself to be handcuffed and taken outside. He was walking unsteadily, his body was cold, and he was breathing rapidly, moaning each time he exhaled. His condition deteriorated and he was taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

An officer who accompanied Valle later told his supervisor that Valle was believed to be under the influence of the drug called bath salts. “Bath salts” is a street name for a hallucinogenic stimulant that causes bizarre – often paranoid – behavior and sometimes makes users feel extremely hot, leading them to take off their clothing. It has nothing to do with the mineral salts that are used to soften bath water.


Dr. Karen Simone of the Northern New England Poison Control Center said the center has received many calls for people who have taken bath salts or some other synthetic drug, often when they believe they were taking ecstasy or its street name, “molly.”

Valle is being held on $10,000 bail and on a charge of violating probation stemming from a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol while he was a minor.

Once at the jail, Valle said he didn’t remember doing any of the things police accused him of, according to the court documents.

Valle’s court-appointed lawyer, Robert LeBrasseur, said he planned to meet with Valle for the first time Wednesday. Referring to Valle’s alleged behavior, LeBrasseur said that Valle recently turned 18, an age when schizophrenia often starts manifesting itself. That could be relevant to his defense, he said.

“These are crimes that require intent or knowing action. If he was suffering from mental illness, that would be relevant,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s the case or not.”

Meanwhile, the Valle family continues to search for their dog Roxy, a black and white boxer. They believe the dog is alive but because it is shy, may be hiding under someone’s porch or in a barn, said Karen Larlee, a family friend. Anyone with information about Roxy is asked to call (410) 279-7172.

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