OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City police officer will stand trial on dozens of charges alleging he sexually assaulted 13 women while on duty, the judge’s order coming exactly five months after the first complaint was reported to police.

During the two-day preliminary hearing, prosecutors filed an additional four sex assault charges against Daniel Holtzclaw based on testimony, bringing the total number of charges to 36. The charges include six counts of first-degree rape, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, as well as sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure.

Holtzclaw, 27, has pleaded not guilty to each count. Oklahoma County Special Judge Fred Doak allowed Holtzclaw, who is on leave, to remain free on $609,000 bail. He is due back in court for a pretrial conference on Jan. 21.

During the hearing, all 13 alleged victims gave graphic testimony about the sex acts they said they did not want to perform but did so because they were frightened.

“It was either that or the county jail,” a woman said Tuesday of being forced to perform sex acts.