Re: “Appeals court blocks LePage’s MaineCare cuts for young people” (Nov. 17):

Will someone please tell Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew that the campaign for governor is over? Her highly partisan and divisive diatribe against the federal appeals court ruling on Gov. LePage’s MaineCare cuts is, at best, inappropriate, coming from a sitting state commissioner.

Her statement reads as if it were written by a Fox News talking head, not the head of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

Phrases such as “judges have gone out of their way”; “unpopular Obamacare law”; “obstruct the will of the public”; “moving the goal posts”; “forcing Maine taxpayers to pay for more welfare”; and “the federal government is using its heavy hand to push its agenda” show that Mayhew is overestimating the (48 percent) mandate that was the re-election of Gov. LePage.

The use of right-wing buzzwords by Commissioner Mayhew is disturbing, and she might be better served to tone down the rhetoric in the future, and serve better all citizens of Maine.

Rick Hendrick