This is in regard to the Nov. 9 letter “Group that listed those who did not vote should be investigated”: I agree with the writer, Vera A. Northrup of Union.

I received a similar letter from another group, the Voter Participation Center, and have been waiting for a phone call from them, as I would like to give them my reaction to receiving a “Voter Report Card.”

Come on. I need a report card? And I don’t need to be shown or told that I have not voted since 2004 and that I am “Below Average” in my voting score. Who is making up these report cards? A teacher?

One reason I don’t vote: I can’t stand listening to the politicians cutting each other up, putting them down and whatever to win a vote. Sorry. They didn’t get mine again this year.

Sending out report cards was a bad idea. And we nonvoters are not bad people.

My Voter Report Card is going through the shredder.

Kathryn Doughty


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