Bath police are seeking the public’s help in locating Stephen McIntire, 54, a convicted sex offender they say has failed to meet his registration requirements.

McIntire is also a suspect in a violation of privacy and criminal trespass case and could face charges under Maine’s “peeping Tom” law, Detective Sgt. David Beauregard said in a press release posted on the police department’s Facebook page.

The incident took place at the privately owned Hyde School in late October and early November when police were called in to investigate a report of a man looking in dormitory windows.

One one occasion, a hidden video camera caught an image of the man as he peeped into one of the windows. He was subsequently identified by police as McIntire.

According to Bath police, McIntire was convicted of a 1997 gross sexual assault and in 2004 for violation of privacy.

Anyone with information about him is urged to contact Bath police at 443-8367.

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