After writing a check for my FairPoint bill this month, I decided to also write a letter to the editor in hopes of reaching the company’s management team.

I am paying attention to what you are doing to your striking workforce. Your contingency plan and replacement workers are failing us miserably; we want them to leave our state and go back to their own now.

People on picket lines across our state are members of our communities, fellow volunteers, neighbors and friends. The people you aim to turn us against with your high paid ads and accusations to the news media are people we’ve know for years and trust.

Frankly, they are people you should trust and value. You’ve paid big money for ads and continue to release statements to the press to tell us what they make, like it’s a bad thing. The truth is, they make pennies to the dollar compared to what your execs are making.

We, your customers, are now talking to each other and banding together with your striking workers and will never be fooled into aligning with Wall Street hedge fund owners who want to line their pockets with the broken promises of your company. We want quality jobs in Maine and if you know anything about Mainers, you should know we stick together.

As verified by Salary.Com for the 2013 fiscal year, FairPoint Communications Inc. listed the following executives and their pay on its annual proxy statement to the SEC:

Peter Nixon, Executive Vice President, $779,267; Paul Sunu, Director and CEO, $2,359,299; Ajay Sabherwal, Executive Vice President and CFO, $911,870; Anthony Tomae, Executive Vice President and CRO, $841,912; Kenneth Amburn, Executive Vice President $721,402; Rosemary Hauser, Former Executive Vice President and CIO $1,019,326.

Tammy McLaughlin

Mount Vernon