Americans claim that this is the greatest country in the world, the most civilized. If this is true, why do we scare so easily?

The focus of concern over Ebola shouldn’t be on Fort Kent – the focus should be on Sierra Leone, Liberia and the other countries where citizens are truly struggling due to lack of an acceptable medical system.

If we attacked this disease like we’ve attacked other countries in the name of democracy, we will then ease our own fears, as we can help eradicate this disease.

I don’t blame anyone for living in fear – politicians have been making money and careers on fear for as long as politics have existed. This is not about politics. This is not about a nurse in Fort Kent. This is about our role as a world leader.

If we fight for human welfare as vigorously as we’ve fought for “the spread of democracy,” we can truly be a leader again. Let us lead with compassion and reason, rather than fear and selfishness.

James Madison once said: “A crisis had arrived which was to decide whether the American experiment was to be a blessing to the world, or to blast for ever the hopes which the republican cause had inspired.”

That quote was addressing a very different situation; however, it stands true today. We can be a blessing to the world when we once again become the land of the brave.

Brendan Farley