I recently benefited from a little-known Maine law that I think more folks should be made aware of.

My dishwasher, purchased from a big box store, gave out after not quite three years.

The repair person from the store was sympathetic but since it was no longer covered by the warranty, gave me an estimate of $350 for the repair. I declined the repair, paid for the service call and reluctantly began shopping for a new dishwasher. Luckily, before I made the purchase, someone mentioned that I should look into the Maine Implied Warranty Law. The law protects Maine consumers from buying seriously defective goods. The product must be less than four years old, within what would be expected to be its useful life and not have been abused.

I emailed the Attorney General’s Office and received a call from them the next day. They explained the procedure for filing a claim and sent a form that I was to fill out.

They would then contact the store on my behalf. Barely two weeks later, I was contacted by the store with an appointment for a repair technician to come out and repair my dishwasher, at no charge. I will also be receiving a refund of the initial $59 service call.

Had I not found out about the law, I would have needlessly spent $800 – $1,000 on a new dishwasher.


This is a great protection afforded Maine consumers and the Attorney General’s Office should be commended for their efficiency and willingness to stand up for the consumer.

I hope by bringing awareness to the Implied Warranty Law, others may take advantage of it and save themselves money and aggravation.

Carole Miller


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