A York County grand jury has indicted a Biddeford teenager on two counts of murder and two counts of arson in connection with the Sept. 18 fire that killed two people in Biddeford.

Grand jurors on Wednesday indicted Dylan Collins, 18, on charges of depraved indifference murder, suggesting he recklessly and without regard for human life set the fire that killed James Ford, 21, and Michael Moore, 23. Collins also was charged with arson for allegedly setting the fire.

The fire badly damaged the rear half of the 12-unit apartment building at 35 Main St. in Biddeford, where Moore and Ford were sleeping in a third-floor bedroom. Moore died of smoke inhalation and Ford died a month later of infections brought on by the toxic chemicals in the smoke he inhaled.

Collins had been in custody at York County Jail in Alfred since his Nov. 7 arrest, and was transferred to a hospital Nov. 20 after he jumped head-first off a second-floor landing at the jail and was injured in an apparent suicide attempt.