How does Nicholas Afaami (“Letter to the editor: Deering Pavilion residents need a bus shelter,” Nov. 24) conclude that Deering Pavilion is responsible for providing a bus shelter situated on a public sidewalk along a state roadway, Route 302/Forest Avenue?

I’m outraged that such an individual blames Deering Pavilion, being “the landlord” of said shelter site, then turns to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis and Jesus himself for complicity in the failure to offer a weather-protected, medically necessary, life-saving and sunstroke-preventive area for the well-being of public users of public transportation in Portland.

Being so concerned about a bus shelter, perhaps Mr. Afaami would volunteer to clean accumulated trash left behind by some potential users of such a structure; repair repeated vandalism damages; or police the shelter to ensure its users some measure of safety from unwelcomed “tenants” who use this type of structure for overnight sleeping accommodations.

“Only God knows” what will be complained of next!

Walter Gilpin