What is wrong with FairPoint employees and especially their union officials? Don’t they realize they are on a very slippery slope when it comes to striking?

Their union officials who didn’t tell them the whole truth are leading them down the path of no return. There is a fair chance they could lose their jobs.

Plain and simple, they will fight a gallant battle. But in the end, they could lose their good-paying jobs with good benefits.

Worse than that, they could choose to scab in. In that case, they’ll lose ties with their friends and maybe members of their family, along with their own self-esteem.

Paying some of their own health care premiums and the hiring of outside contractors are the issues of content for the striking employees. But most of the rest of the country is already doing this and getting by.

I advise employees not to let their union officials convince them that the company can’t get by without them, because it can. The employees should be made aware that the way the laws are written and with their tight-lipped union officials, they are headed down a path of doom.

Scabs are ready and willing to take over these good-paying jobs. Maybe the strikers don’t mind traveling 50 miles or more for half the pay and twice the work.

My best advice: Get together as a group, tuck your tails between your legs and get back to work. It’s cold out!

This happened to me.

Jeff Garneau

member, United Steelworkers