NEW YORK — Veteran newswoman Candy Crowley is leaving CNN after 27 years.

Crowley, the network’s chief political correspondent and anchor of “State of the Union,” will exit at the end of this month, she said Friday. Her final appearance hosting the “State of the Union” political broadcast is Dec. 21.

She said she doesn’t yet know her next stop, but said her departure has been years in the making. She first got the itch just before the 2008 campaign, she recalled – then things got interesting with the entry of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama into the race. She couldn’t tear herself away.

Two years later she was offered “State of the Union.”

“Now I’m at the point where I want another chance to do something new, somewhere new,” Crowley said. She said she made her decision at summer’s end.

Crowley was an anchor for the Mutual Broadcasting System radio network, as well as a general assignment and White House correspondent for The Associated Press, before moving to NBC News’ Washington bureau.