Re: “Knightville’s renaissance creating new traffic issues” (Nov. 29):

Wouldn’t it be nice if public issues could be resolved in a way in which everyone concerned would benefit?

Two years ago, city leaders changed one block of Ocean Street in South Portland from two-way to one-way to preserve 15 diagonal parking spaces.

You paraphrase opponents as saying “it has disrupted normal traffic patterns and diminished traffic safety throughout the neighborhood.” One critic said that motorists “bang a right on D Street and speed all the way down to the playground.”

Supporters believe that “the one-way section is necessary to preserve convenient parking for the businesses on the block,” the Portland Press Herald reports.

These businesses have been providing services to these residents for many years. Many of the residents are elderly with disabilities. These stores are their lifeline.

If traffic and safety are the main concerns here, why would you want to change it back to two-way? To me, that would increase traffic and safety issues. Why can’t a couple of speed bumps be installed, or a sign saying, “Speed Limit 10 MPH” or “Speed Limit 5 MPH”?

Why did the city want to preserve the diagonal parking spaces if they are concerned about traffic and safety issues? Pulling out of such a spot is every motorist’s concern.

Is there more to this issue than what the opponents are saying? Where does their definition of “Buy Local” fit into this equation?

These businesses have worked hard to stay afloat and provide their services to the public. Businesses do not “trump everybody else,” as one woman told the Press Herald. They are making a decent living and are providing services to the residents of the community.

Sit down and work together to come up with a resolution that will work for everyone and not just one side.

Patti Fortula-Kohn

South Portland