I want to commend Beth Quimby on her article in the Maine Sunday Telegram about the centennial celebration for Sen. Edmund Muskie (“Albright, Shields pay tribute to Muskie’s legacy,” Nov. 16). I just want to add one of my favorite anecdotes.

In 1960, Muskie had completed his two terms as governor. Gov. Muskie graduated from Bates College in 1936, as did my wife and I (in 1961 and 1960, respectively). Both Muskie and I were elected to the College Club at Bates, a club for notable graduates.

At a club event, we were all sitting around in a circle in metal folding chairs, and the moderator asked everyone to please introduce themselves and to keep it brief. One of the attendees introduced himself as being from Long Island, New York, where he owned a hardware store and was quite successful.

He told us of his really great store that carried tools, all kinds of hardware, cleaning supplies, etc. He went on for 15 minutes or so, much to everyone’s chagrin.

When Gov. Muskie’s turn came, he simply rose and said, “My name is Ed Muskie, lawyer, Waterville, Maine,” and sat down, breaking up the whole meeting in laughter!

Ken McAfee