The Republican voter suppression movement is not only here to stay but also expanding, with the aiding and abetting of the Supreme Court.

At last count there were 30 Republican-controlled state legislatures, with many of them busy gerrymandering voting districts across many states. They have just recently launched a new attack on the Affordable Care Act, aimed at depriving 10 million-plus Americans of health care coverage.

The fact that some of these Americans will be facing life-and-death situations is meaningless to these elected officials, as they have lost touch with their own humanity.

It is depressing to realize that too many politicians are modern-day Pharisees. The word “political” has become synonymous with hypocrisy. Why aren’t the nation’s gutless Democrats responding with passion to these Republican atrocities?

It is crucial that the citizens of this country wake up if we are to survive as a nation.

The light needs to shine in order to obliterate this threatening and dangerous darkness of our times.

George Roy