Wow! Once again it is the silly season. Amid shopping frenzies fueled by turkey to find just the right gifts (and save hundreds of dollars), editing of card lists and the stringing of brightly colored lights on trees is the struggle over these six little letters: C-H-R-I-S-T. Many readily accept all the traditions as long as they come not with the dreaded “Christ.”

Many seek to rid our traditions and celebrations of the word “Christ,” preferring “community trees” or “holiday cards,” etc. But just what is the meaning of “Christ”?

According to my Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, “Christ” is used to denote God’s person or holiness. Even if one rejects a personal belief in my God, one cannot reject the Gospel account of the birth of the Christ child as the greatest love story ever told.

The Gospel account even includes the wish for peace on Earth, good will toward men. Hence the greeting of “Merry Christmas” is a greeting of peace and love. Who has ever received too much of these?

Hence, all over the world and in every nation, the “Christ” child will always remain as the reason for the season.

Dave Ricker