While no longer a Republican (after having been one most of my life), I must confess that it can still pain me when I read news items concerning the political party that left me.

Such is the case with Maine Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett’s reaction to the current Senate District 25 recount, in which it was discovered that 21 ballots were “cast” with no record of their having been 21 voters.

Rather than joining the voices of concern, Chairman Bennett chooses instead to characterize these voices as representing “conspiracy theories” and a “dishonest campaign against” the Republican Senate candidate – and he even goes as far as to suggest that they represent an attack on the Maine State Police (“Bill Nemitz: Troubling questions on recount jeopardize sanctity of elections,” Dec. 3).

Such is the reaction from the elected head of a Republican Party that professes to represent the gold standard in their ongoing struggle against voter fraud. Is there an adult in the room?

Parker Albee