Now that we know who our local elected representatives are this term, let’s cut to the chase on the texting-while-driving issue.

Many other families, communities and states have been wrestling with this topic. I suggest we learn from their experiences to move forward positively here in Maine.

Here’s the scoop: Paul Atchley, an expert on “compulsive use of texting by drivers,” says that the only solution to preventing cellphone-related accidents is clear and simple.

Atchley first considered numerous technological, psychological and legal alternatives, according to a Sept. 14 New York Times article by Matt Richtel (“Trying to Hit the Brake on Texting While Driving”).

“The lure of the device is too powerful, he said, to be overcome by awareness of the risks,” the article paraphrased Mr. Atchley as saying.

The article continued: “An appropriately tough law, he said, would be this: ‘If you’re seen manipulating the phone, you will be pulled over. Period.’ ”

Let’s get to work on this issue. Now, please.

Mariana Tupper