WASHINGTON — In the past few years, public safety and sexual assault have become the subjects of fierce debate in New Delhi. After one horrific gang rape led to a girl’s death in 2012, the city has gained a damning reputation as India’s “rape capital.”

Last week, allegations of a rape by a driver from American ride-sharing company Uber have brought these issues back to public attention. In response, transportation officials in the Indian capital banned the app from operating. But now, according to reports in the Indian press, there’s an even more ambitious plan in the works: Public safety drones fitted with night vision thermal imaging cameras to patrol the city.

According to DNA India, police sources say they will launch a project to use drones to patrol the district where an executive was assaulted by an Uber driver next month. “With this project, North Delhi will become the first district with complete camera surveillance in Delhi,” an unnamed police official explained.

The drones would fly at a height of over 600 feet, reports say, with each patrolling an area of a few square miles. They would be linked to Quick Response Teams (QRT), which could respond to any incidents.

If the pilot plan in North Delhi works, it will be rolled out to other cities, DNA India reports.