While recent headlines decry that detentions and interrogations were mishandled by a deceitful and inept CIA, I ask you: To prevent the beheadings of Daniel Pearl, James Foley and others, who among us wouldn’t trade the waterboarding, sleep deprivation or standing in stressful positions of known captured terrorists?

In our rush to show the world we are taking the high road by exposing the flaws and missteps in some of the practices of the CIA, we seem to have forgotten the horrors of these beheadings and the 9/11 film now frozen in our memories of those jumping out of the windows of the World Trade Center to avoid a fiery death.

Where are the outrage over and justice for these victims? Whatever happened to “we will never forget”?

From my perspective, it is a fair price to pay to stop these barbaric practices from happening again.

Jim Brown