I was surprised and disappointed to see the normally level-headed Barney Frank descend to sophomoric name-calling (“Immigration fallout points to hypocrisy,” Dec. 7), saying that folks who dislike Obamacare “dislike health care.” Does that even make sense? Who dislikes health care?

Two can play that game: If opposing counterproductive legislation is “disliking health care,” then let us use the same algorithm and go through what Mr. Frank opposes:

Immigration control? Mr. Frank dislikes American workers.

Reduced public spending? Mr. Frank dislikes fiscal responsibility.

Employer discretion on payment for abortifacients? Mr. Frank dislikes children. So we know what Congressman Frank dislikes: rule of law, national sovereignty, middle-class prosperity, freedom of conscience. What does he like? More regulation, more illegal immigration, more reckless spending.

Perhaps Congressman Frank stooped to derogation to distract from the actual effects of the policies he supports: increasing health care costs, declining wages for the poor and middle class, $17 trillion in public debt and a bloated, oppressively byzantine bureaucracy.

Congressman Frank and like-minded politicians got us into this mess. I would rather he show some contrition than pooh-pooh those hoping to stop the folly.