I’m responding to a protective letter from Andrew Soucy on behalf of his father (“Pickets shouldn’t harass FairPoint manager who worked his way up,” Nov. 24), which warrants a reply from line workers and supporters of the union that represents them.

Soucy needs to know that every International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Communications Workers of America family feels his father’s pain of laborious hours and days. We know firsthand when our family, friends and neighbors leave our homes for days on end to work storm damage and provide disaster relief.

We are left devoid of their presence at the dinner table, explaining to our children why Dad or Mom is not at the school function or suffering through our own power outages while our loved ones push through sleepless nights to ensure others get their service back. This does not meet any definition of “lazy” I can find!

Compliments to Andrew Soucy’s father for his over 28 years of longevity, which took dedication and skill. This devotion, expertise and proficiency from FairPoint’s entire workforce are what’s brought FairPoint back from bankruptcy once already.

The union workers deserve the recognition and benefits they have already earned from FairPoint in the form of continued job security, same benefits and same salary. They are asking for nothing more!

Instead of blaming the men and women on the strike line, please consider they are fighting not just for themselves as a union and their own future but also for each manager’s job. These managers are working hard because FairPoint is not supporting them by allowing the skilled workers Andrew Soucy’s father has always had working under him to come back to work under a fair contract.

I thank the union members for fighting hard to guarantee the entire company’s future!

Valerie Currier

proud wife, daughter and friend to IBEW Local No. 2320 linemen